Cliff Mienfoo


Mienfoo is the main protoganist and possese the power of akuma. she has 3 friends of what one is death with uknown identety and the other 2 are pignite and vaporeon.


Mienfoo is a sassy, stuborn and short tempered girl. she has great fighting skills despite all that. She despites the police for the bounty's putted on the akuma's head.


Police Pursuit Arc:Edit

The first major thing happening is a koffing who appariantly found out about mienfoo being an Akuma walked up to her and started trash talking her for being an Akuma and that it would be better if she was death. When koffing was talking mienfoo knocked him out with one blow. when she left later on a couple of pokemon in the same gang as koffing walked up to her. while they were no match for Mienfoo themselves there leader walked up who was an Akuma as well his name was garbodor. while they had a more eqeul fight the rest of the gang got injured and mienfoo ended up beating him.